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Friday, June 18


Farewell and good luck to Taylor Dodd who will be moving to North Carolina on Saturday.

10 Bootstrappers
8 Burpee
:30 Hollow hold
8 Scorpions
8 Iron cross
6 Narrow Push-up
6 Split stance DL
:20 Hold in support position on rings
4 Ring dip
8 Burpee
:30 Forearm/wrist stretch

Every 5 minutes for 20 minutes (4 Sets)
16 DB split stance DL (50/35#)
12 Ring dip (scale to eight reps, RX plus add weight)
150m DB farmers carry (same weight as DL)
If round 1 takes longer than 4 minutes, scale as needed to complete following rounds in under four minutes.

:30 Forearm/wrist stretch
:30 Twisted cross
:30 Child’s pose
:30 Standing forward fold

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