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Tuesday, June 20


4 Deep squat complex
5 Up/down dog
10 Floor slides
5 Tuck-up + V-up
10 Ring row
75′ Bear crawl
200m Run
4 BTN strict press
4 Strict press
2-4 Strict pullup

A) 4-4-4-4 Strict press
Build over the course of 9 minutes.

B) 3 sets, each against a 4:30 Running clock:

Max unbroken set of Strict pullup (minimum of 7 even if breaking them up is needed, use a band, perform negatives or ring rows for scaling)

Run 400m (Scale to 300m if 400m takes longer than 2:30)

AMREP of Strict T2B in remaining time (Scale to knee raise or V-up)

:45 Eagle
:45 Archer in dragon

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