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Monday, June 22


Happy Birthday Katie Nickels!

Warm up:

1x Thru
5 Yoga Push-up
10 Floor or Wall Slides
15 Jumping Jacks

3x Thru (Rd 1-2-3)
5 OH Press (Strict – Push – Jerk)
10 Core Exercise (Hollow Rock – Tuck-up – V-up)
15 Jump Rope (Singleunder – Single Leg – Doubleunder)


6 Rounds each against a 3 minute running clock:
8 Shoulder to overhead (build every 2 rounds). Goal is to start with strict press and have to finish with push jerk.
15-30 DU
6-12 Up downs
Max V-up Complex in remaining time

1 minute rest after each round

Home WOD: Perform odd object shoulder to overhead or increasing difficulty handstand pushup

1:00 Archer
1:00 90 degree twisted cross

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