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Saturday, June 25


Happy Birthday Tony Ferrara!

In Teams of 3
P1 150m Jog
P2 Deep Squat Complex
P3 Inchworm
* Rotate When P1 Complete *
P1 10 Box Step Up + 5 Box Jump
P2 Cossacks Lunge
P3 10 Knee Raise + Hollow Hold
* Rotate when P1 Complete *

In Teams of 3, For Time:
135 T2B (scale to Knee Raise)
135 Front Squat (95/65)
135 Box Jump (24/20)

P1 Runs 150m while P2/3 alternate sets of T2B. When P1 returns from the run, P2 runs while P3/P1 alernate sets of T2B. Continue rotating after each run until all T2B reps are complete before moving to Front Squats, etc.

*24 Min Cap

Left Side
:45 Dragon
:45 Low Dragon
Repeat on right side

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