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Wednesday, June 30


Happy Birthday Abby Houghtling!

5 Yoga pushup
10 Shoulder circle
10 T-spine rotation
1 Wall walk up w/ 10 second hold
5 Superman w/ 2 second hold
:20 Hollow hold
Wall walk up w/ 10 second hold
5 Scap pullup
5 Lat pull
4 Single leg T2B

A) 4 sets for quality of:
10-12 Seated DB press (Heavy)
16 Single leg T2B (Scale to single leg knee raise and/or 10 reps)
*10 minute cap.

B) Team Assault Bike
15 minute AMREP
In teams of 3, accumulate as many calories as possible.

1:00 Foam roll lats
1:00 Foam roll quads

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