Friday, July 2


Farewell and goodluck to Alex Lindsay whose last day is Friday. He’ll be moving to DC so hopefully we’ll see him occasionally for a drop-in!

5 Yoga push-up
200/150m Row
8 Narrow grip push-up
10 Bootstrapper
8 Burpee
250/200m Row
5 Deep squat complex

A) 5-5-5-5-5 Building
Bench press
12 minutes
We haven’t benched in over a year! Take this opportunity to focus on form, building slowly.

B) 4 Rounds, each against a 2:00 running clock:
250 (men)/200 (women) meter row
AMRep HSPU in remaining time (scale to HSPU on a box)
1:00 rest after each round

1:00 Twisted cross
1:00 Archer

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