Monday, July 3


10 Leg swing
10 PVC passthrough
:30 Up down dog
:30 Row
:30 Speedskater
6 Clean high pull
6 Muscle clean
3 Deep squat complex
4 Front squat
4 Hang clean
4 Push press
4 Jerk
:30 Row
:30 Burpee

A) Every :90 for 12 minutes (8 sets)
Clean & Jerk
This is week one in a six week cycle. Do not build heavy, instead keep the weight light enough to work on perfect form.
This can be a power clean or squat clean and a push jerk or a split jerk, but stay consistent from week to week.

B) 3 Rounds for max reps reps of:
2 minute max meter Row
2 minute max Burpee

:45 Twisted cross
:45 Lizard

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