Wednesday, July 5


Happy Birthday, Mark O’Brien!

4 Inchworm pushup
5 Up down dog
10 Bird dog
30 Jumping jax
10 T-spine opener
20 Shoulder tap in plank
10 Ring row
5 Hollow rock
5 V-up
5 Tuck up
:5 Hollow rock
4 Deep squat complex
:10 Support hold on rings or High plank hold
:10 Bottom of dip hold on rings or hold bottom of push-up 1″ off ground

A) EMOM x 10
Odd: 5-7 Weighted Dip (Scale to an unweighted dip or HRPU)
Even 5-7 Weighted Strict Pullup (Scale to an unweighted strict pullup or a negative)

B) “Durante Core”
5 Rounds for time
10 Hollow Rocks
10 V-Up
10 Tuck-Up
:10 Hollow Hold
1 minute rest

:30 Puppy
:45 Eagle
:45 Archer

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