Wednesday, July 8


6:00 AMRAP
10 Scap Push-up
:10 Single Arm Plank (Left)
10 Reverse Snow Angels
:10 Single Arm Plank (Right)
10 Arm Circles in Saddle
5 Inchworm Push-up
5 Renegade Row (Left)
5 Diamond Push-up
5 Renegade Row (Right)
5 Single DB Floor Press (one hand on each side of the DB

A) 5 Rounds, each against a :90 clock
10 DB push-up + row L/R (50/35#)
then max DB floor press in remaining time
:90 rest after each round

B) 5 Rounds
:45 Plank hold
:30 Max rep Russian twist (20/14# medball)
:15 Rest

Bodyweight Home WOD:
A) 14 Push-up + shoulder tap L/R followed by max wall walk up in remaining time
B) Odd object russian twist after each plank hold

1:00 Iron Cross (Elbow at 90)
1:00 Thread the Needle

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