Saturday, July 10


10 Bootstrapper
100m Run
20 Jumping jax
5 Up down dog
5 Burpee
9 Top down deadlift
7 Muscle clean
5 Hang power clean
4 Roll to candlestick
100m Run
5 Deep squat complex

Partner WOD:
Minute 0-7:
5 rep Hang Power Clean. Build to a 5 rep max.

Minute 7-17:
200m Run (100m each)
30 Assault Bike Calorie
40 Box Jump Over (24/20″)

Minute 17-22:
Max inverted burpee. Partner holds plank while partner accumulates burpee reps. Scale to roll to candlestick + burpee or air squat + burpee.

:30 Knees to belly
:30 Lying knee twist
:30 Child’s pose
:30 Puppy

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