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Saturday, July 11


Happy Birthday Michele Perez!

2x thru
4 Inchworm
8 Reverse lunge
12 Cossack squat
8 Muscle clean
4 Thruster
8 Pullup
12 Bird dog
8 Box Jump
4 Burpee
8 Superman
12 Tuck up

For the entire month of July, CF MVA will be doing black hero WOD’s on Saturday’s to honor our fallen black heroes.
This particular workout is in honor of Cathay Williams. Williams was the first African American woman to enlist and the only documented woman to serve in the United States Army, while disguised as a man. Williams is also the only known female Buffalo Soldier. Despite the prohibition against women serving in the military, Williams enlisted in the U.S. Regular Army under the false name of “William Cathay” on November 15, 1866. She enlisted for a three-year engagement, passing herself off as a man. Williams was assigned to the 38th U.S. Infantry Regiment after she passed the cursory medical examination. In 1868 while hospitalized the doctors discovered she was a woman and was later discharged from the Army.

To learn more about Cathay Williams visit: https://www.nps.gov/people/cwilliams.htm

Black Hero WOD

12 minute amrep
75 Pull-up cash in (scale to 30-50)
Amrap in remaining time of
3 thruster (115/80#, for the 3 years she went undetected as man)
6 burpee box jump (24/20″)

Rest 4 minute

12 min amrep
50 pistol or 1 1/4 squat
Amrap in remaining time of
9 hang power clean (115/80#)
38 DU (38th infantry regiment)

2:00 Fragon

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