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Tuesday, July 13


Happy Birthday Duggan! Duggan will be moving to Richmond this week so come say goodbye and join him for some birthday burpees at 6:45am!

4 Inchworm lunge
8 Bootstrapper
4 Up down dog
10 Curtsy lunge
:20 Hollow hold
10 Superman
15 Penguin jump
10 Fire Hydrant
20 Speedskater
4 Deep squat complex
10 Jumping lunge
30 Single under

A) 5-5-5-5-5 Box Squat
*14 minutes including warm-up. Goal is to build to the same load as last week.

B) For time:
10-20-30-40 Reverse lunge
20-40-60-80 DU or 2-for-1 SU
*10 minute cap.

1:00 Low dragon
1:00 Fragon

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