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Wednesday, July 15


Happy Birthday Chauncey Southworth & Colleen Cashman!

2x Thru
10 Shoulder Circles
5 Press-up
:10 Single Arm Plank (Each Side)
5 Push-up + Shoulder Tap L/R

2x Thru
10 Lat Pull
5 T-Spine Rotations (Each Side)
:10 Ring Row Hold or COB Hold
5 Pull-up or Ring Row

WOD: 20 minute AMRAP
Max UB set of pushup (minimum 10)
Max UB set of strict pullup (minimum of 7)
Rest as needed after each set with end goal of maximizing UB sets.

Bodyweight Home WOD:
Max UB pushup
Rest 1 minute
Max sheet rows (no more than 15 per set)
Rest 1 minute

1:00 Up dog/Down dog
1:00 Puppy
1:00 Archer

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