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Friday, July 16


ErgWOD just announced that they will be giving away 2 free CF Games tickets to 1 lucky person who signs up for the rowing seminar hosted by CF MVA on Sept. 1! Today is also the last day to save 20%, so sign up today if you want a chance to win and want to save some $$.
If you want to be entered for a chance to win the Games tickets just type “I want Games tickets!!” in the section of the registration page that asks “Do you have any questions about ergs”.
Don’t miss out on this seminar if you want to improve your rowing form and efficiency!!

Want to learn more or register? Here’s the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/894467377774281?ref=newsfeed

10 Leg Swings
10 Spiderman lunge
30 Jumping jax
8 Renegade Row
10 Split stance DL w/ single DB (5 each side)
10 Scorpion
5 Double push up burpee
2-4 Strict pullup + dip or 1-2 Bar Muscle-up
3 Deep squat complex


A) Every :90 for 12 minutes alternate between (4 sets each)
1: 2-5 Bar Muscle-up or 2-for-1 Strict pullup/ring row & Ring dip/Hand release pushup

2:12-16 DB Split Stance Deadlift (50/35#, 6-8 each side)

B) Team sled pull!
In teams of 3-4 perform as many 75′ sled pulls as possible in 10 minutes.
Choose a weight that is heavy, but allows you to

1:00 Lying knee twist
1:00 Straddle
1:00 Forward fold

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