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Tuesday, July 18


Happy Birthday, Steve Bond & Tracy Ford!

200m run
4 Inchworm lunge
10 Air squat
4 Deep squat complex
10 Iron cross
:20 Hollow rock
:20 Bike
:20 KB swing
:20 Reverse lunge

A) Tempo front squat
3-3-3-3-3 Building
2 second down, 2 second in bottom of squat.
12 minutes including warm-up.

B) 12 minute AMRAP Partner WOD:
As a team, complete as many air bike calories and as many rounds of 20 KB swing and 20 KB lunge as possible.

P1: Max Air bike calorie
P2: 20 KB swing (Rx-53/35)
20 KB reverse lunge (Single KB use same load as swing)
then switch

:30 Child’s pose
:30 Happy baby
1:00 Straddle
1:00 Saddle

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