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Monday, July 19


Happy Birthday Steve Bond & Kit Wannen

4 Inchworm pushup lunge
4 Up down dog
10 Bird dog
20 Shoulder tap in plank
1 Wall walk up or box walk up
5 Scap pullup
5 Lat pull
3 Deep squat complex
8-12 Hanging hip touches
4x thru the following complex:
Clean high pull + Muscle clean + Front squat + Power Clean+ Squat Clean

In 10 minutes, ladder as high as possible:
1 Wall walk up
2 Strict pullup (Ring row or eccentric pullup)
2 Wall walk up (Box walk up
4 Strict pullup
3 Wall walk up
6 Strict pullup….
Continue to add 1 wall walk up and 2 strict pullup until 10 minutes is complete.
If strict pull-ups are relatively ease for you add weight.

B) In 10 minutes build to a heavy clean (squat or power clean, note we will be doing back squats on Tuesday).

1:00 Foam roll lats
1:00 Lying knee twist

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