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Wednesday, July 20


Happy Birthday Roger Cornell!

Row 1 minute easy
1 minute inchworm pushup
5 Ring row w/ 3 second pause at bottom
5 Up down dog
10 Floor/wall slides
:30 Hollow rock
Row 1 minute hard
1 minute burpee
Spend 4 minutes warming up bench press to a load that is moderately challenging for 7 reps (this will be your working weight for the WOD)

Every 3 minute for 18 minutes (6 sets)
10 Bench Press
10 Ring row (Scale up by doing 3 second pull and 3 second negative and/or adding volume, scale down by bending legs, leaning back and/or reducing volume)
10-20 Calorie row (this should be 1 minute or less effort)

:30 Cat cow
:30 Child’s pose
:30 Puppy
:30 Eagle

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