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Wednesday, July 26


200m run
4 Inchworm lunge
20 Hamstring stretch on rig
20 Deadbug (in a leg tuck, extend L leg as right leg goes straight back, then switch)
15 Glute bridge
:20 Dead hang
8 Hanging knee raise
15 Penguin jump
20 Single under
10 Bent over row w/ empty bar
7 Top down deadlift
10 DU
Warm-up DL and rope climb

For time:
200 Double-under buy-in (300 Singles)
5 Rounds of:
7 Deadlifts (225/155)
1 Legless Rope climb (Scale to regular climb or 2 rope get up)
14 Box Jump over (30/24#)
1 Rope climb (No jump to start, start with feet on ground, scale to 2 rope get up)
*20 minute cap.

:30 Cat/Cow
:30 Lizard
:30 Forward fold
:30 Lying knee twist


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