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Friday, July 28


Happy Birthday, Ryan Ware!

4 Up down dog
30 Jumping jax
4 Deep squat complex
20 Shoulder tap in plank
6 Spiderman lunge w/ reach
5 Yoga pushup
10 Up downs
10 Bench w/ empty bar
10 Hang power clean w/ empty bar
Warm-up bench and HPCL

WOD: 5 Rounds for max reps of:
:30 Bench press (Rx-135/95)
1 minute rest
:30 Renegade row (Rx-35/25)
1 minute rest
:30 Hang power clean (Rx-135/95)
1 minute rest
*Scale all movements to a load that allows you to move continuously for :30)
**Record reps for each movement for each round.

:45 Twisted cross
:45 Seated twist


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