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Wednesday, July 29


Happy Birthday Paul Krivacek!

5:00 AMRAP
5 Perfect Stretch (each side)
5 Up Dog Down Dog
10 Samson Lunge
10 Superman
5 Burpee
:30 Plank

A) For time: 100 Burpee
At the start of every minute, including the first minute
Perform 2 x (DB Snatch + Front rack Lunge/Lunge)
*15 Min Cap. Record tim.

Home WODers: Use odd object for snatch/lunge or do 1 wall walk up and 4 lunges at the start of every minute.

B) Accumulate 5:00 in Elbow Plank
Every time you break – 4 Kickthru Burpees
*If you know you have a plank >3minute (Bob) than make your plank weighted.

1:00 Seated straddle
1:00 Twisted 1/2 Lizard

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