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Friday, July 30


10 Shoulder circles
1 Wall walk up
3 Deep squat complex
5 Up down dog
7 Superman
9 Pushup changing hand position on each rep
7 Air squat with narrow stance
5 Box jump
3 DB manmaker
1 Wall walk up
200m Run

A) 5-5-5-5-5 Bench
Build over the course of 12 minutes.

B) For time:
40 Box jump (24/20”) scale to 30reps
30 DB devils press (single DB50/35 Rx, Scale II 35/25, Scale I 25/15) scale to 20 reps
20 HSPU (pike push-ups on box)
10 Roll to candlestick burpee (use a mat to elevate roll to candlestick or do a narrow stance deep air squat)
*Scale to finish in under 9 minutes

1:00 Twisted cross
1:00 Thread the needle

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