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Friday, August 4


Happy Birthday, Joe Bonfiglio!

8 Bootstrapper
4 Up down dog
6 Spiderman lunge
16 Mountain climber
10 Bird dog
10 Tuck up
25 Jumping jax
2 x thru today’s BB complex

A) 4 Deadlift + 3 Hang power clean + Lunge R/L
10 Minutes to build to a heavy set.

B) Team Sled pull
In teams of 3-4, perform as many sled pulls in 12 minutes as possible.
P1: 150′ Sled pull light and fast
P2: Air squat
P3/P4: Rest
Record total sled pulls and air squats performed as a team.

1:00 Child’s pose
1:00 Fragon

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