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Monday, August 7


Happy Birthday, Michelle Reyes!

10 Leg swing
4 Deep squat complex
30 Jumping jax
8 Superman
10 Bird dog
6 Clean pull w/ pause above knee and power position
5 Muscle clean
5 Front squat
5 Push press
6 Spiderman lunge w/reach
4 Up down dog
5 Clean and jerk
2-3 DB Man-maker

A) 1RM Clean & Jerk
15 minutes to establish a new 1 rep max clean and jerk!

B) 5 minute AMREP:
DB Man-maker (Rx-50/35#, Scale I-35/25, Scale II-25/15)
Compare to 081222

1:00 Archer in saddle
1:00 Lizard

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