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Wednesday, August 16


4 Inchworm up/down dog
200m Run
10 PVC passthrough
5 PVC Overhead wall squat
10 Floor slides
10 PVC OH Cossack squat
10 Ring row
5 BTN wide grip push press w/barbell
5 BTN wide grip jerk
4 Deep squat complex
5 Overhead squat

A) 2 RM Overhead Squat
*12 minutes to build to a heavy double.
Check out the August newsletter and read Coach MK’s section on the overhead squat!
If you cannot safely overhead squat, substitute the front squat for the next several weeks.

B) 10 minute AMRAP:
200m Medball Run (20/14#)
20 Ring row

:30 Side puppy
1:00 Archer in couch

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