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Wednesday, August 18


Happy Birthday Erin Thomas!

10 PVC passthrough
4 Inchworm pushup lunge
10 T-spine opener
20 Shoulder taps in plank or against wall
2x thru
5 Behind the neck push press
5 Behind the neck jerk
5 Tall Jerk (start with bar in front rack like the 1st movement in linked video)
150m Run
3 DB manmaker (Take this opportunity to see if this is the right weight for you)

A) 3-3-3-3-3
Jerk (Split or Push)

B) For time:
30 DB manmakers
MM=Pushup, Row R, Row L, Power clean, Push press
Choose a weight that allows you to move at a steady pace without long breaks.
*10 minute cap.

:30 Child’s pose
:30 Puppy dog
1:00 Eagle
1:00 Straddle


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