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Thursday, August 26


Less than a week until the ErgWOD rowing clinic at CF MVA (Wednesday, Sept.1 from 6-8pm)! Have you been struggling with the rowing WOD’s recently or do you want to improve your rowing technique? This clinic will help your efficiency and technique on the erg!
Here’s the Link to register

Warm up:
7 Bootstrapper
8 Spiderman lunge
9 Superman
10 Iron cross
400m row with partner. Switch every 100m while partner holds a plank.
10 Scorpion
9 Hollow Rock
8 Cossack squat
7 Burpee

30 minute Partner AMRAP:
In 750m increments row as many meters as possible as a team in 30 minutes.
Try to match or beat what your goal 2k pace is. Use this pace chart to help determine what your pace should be.

1:00 Lying knee twist R
:30 Happy baby
1:00 Lying knee twist L
:30 Child’s pose

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