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Thursday, August 26


Happy Birthday Ty!

2x Thru
10 Superman
5 Hamstring Walkout
10 Glute Bridge

2x Thru
10 Lat Pull
5 Knee Raise
:10 Hang on Bar

2x Thru
10 Deadlift
5 T2B
* Add weight second time thru

A) 4 Rounds Each for Time:
10 Deadlift (Building)
11-20 T2B (Goal is 5 more than last week)
:90 rest
Record time for each round and average load across all 4 sets of DL.

B) For time:
300m Farmers carry
7 Burpee penalty for each drop (performed after the carry.

Home WOD/Zoom:
A) 4 Rounds each for time of:
20 DB Single leg deadlift
25 Abmat situp
:90 Rest

B) 300m Weighted carry w/ 7 burpee penalty

1:00 Lying knee twist

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