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Tuesday, August 29


4 Inchworm
4 Up down dog
30 Shuffle split
8 Bootstrapper
10 Iron cross
16 Single leg v-up
6 Clean pull
5 Muscle clean
3 Deep squat complex
Clean complex x 2
5 Burpee over bar

A) 12 minutes to build as heavy as possible in the following Clean Complex:
Power clean floor + 1″ below knee+ above knee

B) 10 Minute Death by Lateral Burpee Over Barbell
at the start of every minute, including the first minute, complete 3 power clean (from floor) with 80% of Part A.
Then, complete 1 burpee over bar in minute 1,
2 burpee in minute 2, etc., until you either cannot complete the prescribed number of burpees or 10 burpees is reached.

:30 Child’s pose
:30 Sphinx pose
1:00 Seated twist

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