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Tuesday, August 31


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Partner up for warm-up
P1 10 Spiderman lunge
P2 Assault bike until P1 is done then switch
5 Up/down dog
5 Air squat w/ 2 second down and 2 second in the bottom
P1 5 Inchworm
P2 Assault bike until P1 is done
5 Front squat @ today’s tempo
10 Cossack squat
10 Burpee

A) 2-2-2-2-2-2 Tempo Front squat
2 seconds down and 2 seconds in the bottom
12 minutes including warm-up.

B) EMOM x 12 (4 sets)
1 minute max rep Air Bike calorie
1 minute max rep burpee
1 minute rest

1:00 Lizard

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