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Wednesday, August 31


10 Leg swings
5 Up down dog
10 Fire hydrant + scorpion kick
20 Mountain climber
10 Reverse snow angels
10 Hollow rock
Run 200m
6 DB deadlift
6 Renegade row
6 DB step up

WOD: 2 Rounds each against a 2:30 minute running clock:

200m Run
Max DB Deadlift *

200m Run
Max DB Renegade Row

200m Run
Max DB Step-ups (20/18″)

200m Run
Max 75′ Farmers Carry

2 minutes rest between rounds.

*Choose a DB weight that will allow you to move almost continuously

1:00 Standing forward fold
1:00 Straddle
1:00 Lizard

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