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Tuesday, September 7


Happy Birthday Shawn Healy & Ty Foster!

Partner up for warm-up
P1 5 Inchworm
P2 Assault bike until P1 is done then switch
10 Leg swing
8 Cossack squat
6 Spiderman lunge
8 Hollow rock
10 Superman
P1 3 Deep squat complex + 12 Air squat
P2 Assault bike until P1 is done

A) 2-2-2 Tempo Front squat
2 seconds down and 2 seconds in the bottom.
2-2-2 Front Squat (no tempo)
12 minutes including warm-up for all 6 sets.

B) Partner WOD:
8 minute AMREP
Air bike calorie
Wallball (20/14#)
With both partners working at the same time (P1 on bike and P2 on WB), in 8 minutes accumulate as many AB calorie and WB shots as possible. Partners must switch after every 20 WB shots.

1:00 Lizard
1:00 Couch

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