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Thursday, September 9


Happy Birthday Coach Brad!

Warm up:
Row 1 minute increasing stroke rate (start at 20-24 s/m and finish at 30-34)
10 Bootstrapper
20 Mountain climber (10 slow & 10 fast)
30 Jumping jax
20 Speedskater
10 Up downs
1 minute row increasing intensity (start at 70% effort and finish at 90%)

A) Rowing intervals
5 Rounds each for max meters
2 minute Row
2 minute rest
*Record meters for each of 5 intervals.

B) Against a 5 minute running clock accumulate as much time in a forearm plank as possible.
*Record accumulated time in plank.

1:00 Foam roll upper & middle back
1:30 Foam roll quads & IT band

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