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Friday, September 9


Happy Birthday Coach Brad!!

Warm up:
10 Leg swings
5 Up down dog
10 Up down
5 Bootstrapper
200m Run
2 Rounds of:
2 Muscle clean & strict press
2 Power clean & push jerk
2 Squat clean & split jerk
:30 of burpee box over

A) 2RM Clean & Jerk
Spend 12 minutes building to a heavy double. No touch and go.

B) In honor of Brad’s 60th Birthday…
For time:
60 Burpee box jump over (Rx-28/24, Scale I-24/20, Scale II-20/18 or step-over)
*10 minute cap.

:30 Cat cow
:30 Happy baby
1:00 Lying knee twist

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