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Wednesday, September 14


4 Inchworm lunge
Run 200m
Trinity 75′
:30 Samson stretch each side
16 Speed skater
8 Burpee
10 Ring row
:20 Tuck-sit hold on pullup bar or rings
5 Up down dog
5 Pullup
:15 L/tuck-sit on boxes, parellettes

22 minute AMRAP
:30 L-Sit (Rx+ on rings, Rx- parelletes or boxes or scale to tuck sit, if tuck sit is too challenging work on your hollow hold)
200m Run
15 Pullup (scale to 10)
200m Farmers carry (Choose a load that allows you to complete in no more than 2 drops)

:45 Wrist stretch
:45 Sphinx pose
1:00 Couch stretch

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