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Tuesday, September 20


Happy Birthday Jessica Boss!

10 Leg swings
10 Shoulder circles
75′ Samson lunge
75′ Bear crawl
5 BTN Strict or push press
10 Top down deadlift
4 Inchworm lunge
5 Clean pull from mid shin to knee cap
5 Clean pull from mid shin to above knee
5 Hang power clean
10 Superman
10 Hollow rock
5 Power or squat clean
5 Tall jerk
5 Push or split jerk

20 minutes to establish a new 1RM Clean & Jerk!
Map out your sets with a plan for hitting a PR around the 17-18 minute mark. Go for a second PR if you successfully hit a solid (not sloppy) PR.

1:00 Archer in saddle
1:00 Seated twist

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