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Friday, September 24


4 Up down dog
Run 200m
4 Inchworm
3 Deep squat complex
10 Single leg v-up
10 Superman
4 DB snatch
3 DB cluster
2 DB man maker

WOD: Partner WOD!
25 minute AMRAP of:
400m Run (Length of alley x 2,Together)
30 DB Snatch (Rx-50/35, Scaled- 35/25)
400m DB Farmers Carry (Rx-50/35, Scaled- 35/25)

400m Run
20 DB Hang Cluster
400m Farmers Carry

400m Run
10 DB man maker
400m Farmers Carry
*1 person working at a time except for run. Break up reps and alternate on farmers carry as needed.

1:00 Lying knee twist
1:00 Straddle

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