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Friday, September 25


Farewell and good luck to Mike Stahala who is moving back to Turkey with his family this weekend!

10 Bootstrapper
15 PVC good morning
7 Tricep yoga push-up
7 Superman
7 Hollow rock
10 Reverse Lunge
7 Dbl PU burpee
3 minute TGU practice w/ PVC or light DB

For time:
DB Deadlift (50/35#)
DB Floor press (50/35#)
100m Front Rack Carry & 2 Turkish Get-up* after each set of floor press

*You may need a lighter weight for the TGU especially if this is a new movement for you.
**20 minute cap.

Home WOD/Zoom:
Sub 1 minute front rack carry if you don’t have the ability to go for a 100m walk.

1:00 Lying knee twist
1:00 Puppy dog


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