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Saturday, September 26


10 Pass thru
10 Leg swings
5 Deep squat complex
10 Spiderman lunge
3 Rounds of:
3 Thruster (empty bar round 1) & 5 burpee
5 Scap pull
5 Lat pull
5 Kip Swing
3-7 Pullups
150m Run
:30 Wrist Stretch

100 Pullups for time (If you are able to do more than 20 UB pullups in a row than make the first 30 C2B, if you have less than 10 UB scale to 75, less than 5 UB scale to 50.
For every break perform:
5 Thruster (96/65#)
10 Burpee
150m Run
*20 minute cap.

Home WOD:
If you don’t have the ability to do Pull Ups at home then do:
50 Thrusters for time
for every break perform
15 Burpee and 300m Run

1:00 Archer
1:00 Frog

Happy Birthday Melanie Bradshaw!

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