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Wednesday, September 29


10 Leg swings
30 Shuffle splits
20 Shoulder taps in plank
10 Shoulder circles
150m Run
10 Reverse lunge
5 Pushup
5 Up down dog
:20 Hollow hold
3 Deep squat complex
:20 Support position on rings (scale by keeping tippy toes on floor)
5 Ring negatives (slowly lower from support to bottom of dip)
4 HSPU or pike pushup

20 minute AMRAP
Run 300m
20 Ring Dip (Scale to 10-14 reps or hand release push-up)
Run 150m
15 HSPU (scale to 10 reps and pike HSPU on box or DB strict press)
*Note that we will be doing overhead squats on Friday. Make sure to scale if you plan on attending Friday and you have not been doing dips or HSPU recently.

:45 Side puppy
1:30 Saddle

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