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Saturday, October 1


10 Bootstrapper
2 Rounds of:
5 Ring row
7 Air squat
9 Hollow rock
4 x today’s barbell complex while partner peforms inchworms, then switch
8 Burpees while partner performs wrist/forearm stretch, then switch

WOD: Partner WOD:
26 minute AMRAP
4 Deadlift + 3 hang power clean +2 front squat (Choose a weight that is challenging but where you can still go UB)
1 Rope climb (Rx+- legless, Scale- 2 rope get up)
*P1 Completes barbell complex followed by rope climb while P2 rests, then switch
**Score= load + rounds completed as a team.

:30 Cat cow
:30 Child’s pose
1:00 Lying knee twist

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