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Saturday, October 2


Street closures tomorrow for Art on the Avenue: Plan on walking to the gym if you live close or parking a little further from the gym in the morning. Mount Vernon Ave will be closed from Hume to Bellefonte Ave.

8 Bootstrapper
8 Box step up
8 Spiderman lunge
16 Mountain climber
4 Inchworm
16 Speed skater
8 Up down
8 Tuck up w/ 2 second pause
P1 10m/7w Air bike calorie
P2 5 Lat pull, 2 DSC, 5 T2B
then switch
Partner 200m run

Partner WOD:
25 minute AMRAP of

600m run (Scale to 400m)
50m/40w AB Cal
40 Box Jump (24/20″, scale height or perform step-ups)
30 KB Swing (53/35#)
20 T2B (Knee raise)

1:00 Lizard
1:00 Calf mash on KB

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