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Monday, October 5


10 Passthrough
10 Leg swing
5 Up/down dog
7 Bootstrapper
25 Jumping jax
6 Burpee
5 Jerk Balance w/ PVC

2 Rounds of:
5 Jerk Balance w/ barbell
5 Clean pull
5 Front squat
5 Clean & Jerk w/ barbell

A) Clean & Jerk
EMOM x 10 Building
Start w/ 60% of current 1RM and add each minute. Goal is to build heavier than last week.

B) For time:
Push press (125/85#)
Lateral Burpee w/ 2 jump over bar (jump over and back again after each burpee)
KB Swing (53/35#)

Home WOD/Zoom:
A) EMOM x 10
Broad jump  +DB Squat clean + DB split jerk+ DB step up L/R

B) For time:
DB Push Press
Lateral burpee over DB w/ 2 jumps over DB
DB/KB Swing

1:00 Archer
1:00 Forward fold w/ legs butterflied

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