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Saturday, October 9


Monday’s schedule for Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Classes at 8 & 9am only. Open gym at 12:30pm

10 Leg swings
4 Inchworm push-up
10 Perfect stretch
10 Reverse snow angel
20 Mountain climber (First 6 slow)
200m Run
4 Deep squat complex
5 Muscle clean
5 Power clean
5 Burpee over bar

24 minute partner AMREP ladder of:
200m Run (together)
4 Hang power clean (135/95#)
10 Burpee over bar
Continue to add 2 hang power clean and 2 burpee after each run.
Partners split clean and burpee reps.

:45 Straddle (R/M/L)
:45 Lying knee twist

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