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Thursday, October 10


The Open 20.1 Announcement is Thursday night! Rich Froning and Scott Panchik go head-to-head in a workout that will be announced at 8 PM EST. View it on the livestream.

On Friday, be on the look out in your inbox and on Facebook regarding heat sign-ups for Saturday morning. All continue to be welcome to work out with us on Saturday, even if you are not signed up for the Intramurals Open.

Partner WOD!

22:00 AMRAP

400m Run

2 Rope Climb (Rope Get-up)

30 Air Squat

2 Rope Climb

20 Hand Release Push-up

2 Rope Climb

10 Inverted Burpee

One partner working at a time, except for the run!

Mobility: 5:00 Foam Roll

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