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Monday, October 12


Schedule for Indigenous Peoples’ Day:
Classes at 8 & 9am only.

6 minute AMRAP
5 Yoga Pushup
7 Superman
7 Up/downs
9 Air squat
9 Tuck Jump

10 RFT of:
10 Burpee
*20 reps DB Movement (50/35#)
10 V up

*Each round has a different Single DB movement.
Rnd 1 DB snatch (10 each side)
Rnd 2 Dumbbell clean (10 each side)
Rnd 3 DB Burpee (10 each side)
Rnd 4 DB thruster (10 each side)
Rnd 5 DB Renegade row (10 each side)
Rnd 6 DB Push press (10 each side)
Rnd 7 DB Goblet squat
Rnd 8 Devils press (10 each side)
Rnd 9 Front rack DB Lunge (10 each side)
Rnd 10 100m Front rack walk (50′ R/50’L)

**25 min cap

Dario ‘Tex’ Lorenzetti, 42, was killed in Kandahar, Afghanistan on October 13, 2012, stopping a Taliban suicide bomber from destroying a helicopter full of US soldiers. A West Point boxer and 75th Ranger Regiment veteran, he always scored a perfect 300 on the Army Physical Fitness Test. He is survived by his wife Kirstin, and daughters Arabella, Natalia and Aryanna.

1:00 Archer
1:00 Puppy

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