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Saturday, October 15


10 Leg swing
5 Up down dog
P1- 200m Run
P2- 5 Push up
7 Air squat
9 Hollow rock
Then switch
P1-w/ empty bar
3 Power clean + Front squat
3 Squat clean
6 Bench press
P2- Deep squat complex
then switch
P1- 6 Burpee to a plate
P2- Spiderman lunge
then switch

Partner WOD:
24 minute AMRAP:
P1 Run 200m
P2 Complete AMRAP of:
3 Squat clean (Rx-135/95, Scale I -105/75, Scale II- 85/55)
6 Bench press (Same as clean)
9 Burpee to a a plate (45# plate)
*Continue to switch after each 200m run. Partners resume the AMRAP where they left off (not where partners left off) after each run. For example, if you are on your 7th burpee when your partner returns from the run, you will start back on your 8th burpee after your run.
Record total rounds and reps performed by EACH partner.

1:00 Frog
1:00 Saddle
1:00 Archer

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