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Monday, October 24


Happy Birthday Edmina Bradshaw!

Reminder Power Hour Deadlift seminar! Want to work on your conventional and sumo style deadlift? There are still 3 more spots for the upcoming deadlift seminar with Powerlifting Coach Lori on Sunday, November 6th at 10am! Cost is $35. Follow link to register: https://crossfitmva.pike13.com/courses/293662

10 Leg swing
5 Narrow grip yoga pushup
10/7 calorie Bike
8 Scorpion
4 Spiderman lunge
20 Mountain climber
6 Dbl pushup burpee
10 Shoulder circles (front and back)
:30 Forearm/wrist stretch
Warm-up bench press

Every 4 for 24 minutes (6 sets)
1 Minute max air bike calories
10 UB Bench press (Choose a load that is challenging for an unbroken set)
100m KB Farmers carry loop (Choose a load that is heavy w/ no drops, Out parking lot door and in alley door)
*Record bike calories for each round and load for bench press/farmers carry.

1:00 Lizard
1:00 Archer in Samson lunge

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