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A) Back Squat
12 minutes
Compare to 101318

B) “Panic Breathing”
Partner WOD for time:
500/500, 400/400, 300/300, 200/200, 100/100 meter Row
Partner Kettlebell Rack Hold (53/36#)
5 Burpee penalty for each drop of kettlebells
With a running clock rows will be performed alternating between teammates. Every row is to be performed at maximum intensity while the other partner “rests” with two kettlebells in rack position. The “resting” partner will rack the bells at the beginning of their partner’s row and will unrack them at the end of the row.

Unracking of kettlebells before the end of the row results in a 5 synchronized burpee penalty for every offense, to be paid at the end of the workout.

2:00 Couch stretch
2:00 Pigeon

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