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Thursday, October 27


Don’t miss the MVA Halloween costume contest on Saturday! Show up for the 8 or 9am WOD dressed in your best costume. You do not have to be able to workout in your costume, you can take it off for the WOD. Prizes for best costume!!

5 Yoga pushup
7 Bootstrapper
9 Calorie row
12 Cossack squat
12 Fire hydrant + scorpion kick
9 Superman
7 Burpee

A) Death by rowing:
Test minute- row for 1 minute at about 75% effort
Rest 1 minute after test
If you got <8 cals: start workout at 1-3 calories
9-11 cals: start at 5
12-15: start at 7
16-18:start at 9
>19: start at 11
*12 minute cap.

Rest 2 minutes
Everyone starts part B together.

B) 12 minute AMRAP:
10 Pushup
15 KB swing (Rx-53/35, scale as needed)
20 Reverse lunge (bodyweight)
*12 minute cap

Mobility: 5 minute general foam roll

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