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Wednesday, October 28


Happy Birthday Christopher “T$” Wilson!

10 Leg swings
8 Bootstrapper
6 Up/down dog
4 Floor taps (F/M/B)
10 Superman
8 Hollow rock
400m Row or 300m Run
6 Burpee


“Door #1 or #2”
For Time:

Choose either A1 or A2
A1) 2000 meter Row or 80/100 Assault Bike calories
Perform 5 Burpee with Lateral Jump Over the Rower each minute. Jump over a medball if using the AB.
*15 minute cap.

A2) 150 Burpees for time
Perform 5 Sumo Deadlift High Pull at the start of every minute including the first minute.
*15 minute cap. Scale to 75 or 100 Burpees.


1:00 Plank hold
1:00 Max rep Tuck up
1:00 Max hollow hold
1:00 Max rep V-up

Home WOD/Zoom:

A) Choose an option from above based on your equipment

B) Same as above

1:30 Lizard

Happy Birthday Christopher "T$" Wilson!

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